About Us

Nine times out of ten, inspiration comes from a place of passion. In the case of Symple Design, it was our love for authentic mid-century modern furniture that made us start our business back in 2013.

Symple Design has now developed into a gallery featuring an eclectic assortment of collectible design. As passionate collectors of vintage and contemporary objects ourselves, we’d like to believe that every piece of furniture has its own story to tell.

Therefore we very selectively curate our collection, picking only those pieces that are 100% original: If necessary they are meticulously restored without loosing the patina built up over the years. In general, our pieces are re-upholstered, surfaces re-finished or simply deep-cleaned and polished. For the work we cannot do ourselves, we co-operate with specialized craftsmen/women and suppliers in Switzerland or abroad.

We’re fully aware, however, that just being passionate about what we do is not enough for us to make it – not in a very competitive (online) market. That’s why we also strive to deliver a customer experience that will put a smile on our customers’ faces.

So far, we’re happy to say that our hard work is already paying off. We have been honored with a constantly growing client base of vintage and design enthusiasts not only locally in Switzerland, but from all corners of the world.

Please do come visit our warehouse in la Sarraz, so you can try that chair you are eye-ing, or have a closer look at the intricate wood joints that are not always directly visible from any images. We will gladly receive you.


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