Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I would like to offer you XXXX / What is your BEST price for this item?
A: Unfortunately, we do not negotiate our prices. We set the best price we can, considering the condition and availability of a particular piece. We apologize in advance for not answering to any offers made.

Q: What is your trade price?
A: We do not offer trade/professional pricing, sales commissions, or financial incentives (“kickbacks”); any customer will be presented with the same price.

Q: Do you trade items?
A: Unfortunately we don’t trade in furniture or lamps.

Q: Do you charge VAT?
A: For Switzerland, prices quote include all necessary taxes. Please note customers outside of Switzerland may be liable for local VAT and import charges.


Q: How much does shipping cost and how much time will it take?
A: Small items are shipped using Swisspost or UPS/DHL/Fedex, this will normally take 1-3 weeks. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.

For shipping into the main EU-zone we maintain a fixed price of CHF 290 for bulk shipments, current shipping time: 4-6 weeks. We have quicker shipping options available, at a premium: Please enquire.

Please note exceptions apply: Limited access areas (Venice, Zermatt, Ibiza etc.) or certain EU countries, such as, but not limited to Finland or Greece. Please note we do not ship to Norway.

Anything really heavy and/or extremely fragile (marble, glass) will require a custom shipping quote.

Overseas shipping will require most of the time a customized quote.

Q: Are my purchased items insured?
A: Yes, 100%. We will never send anything out that is not insured, or will not have to be signed for on arrival.

Q: Can I pick it up myself?
A: Gladly, we are available by appointment for visits to our La Sarraz storage warehouse. Please note that we offer self-collecting clients a modest discount based on the savings on transaction and handling fees.

Q: Do you ship to my country?
A: Yes, we can ship to most countries with some exceptions. Please ask us for a quote if your country’s shipping costs are not visible at checkout.

Q: Can I store the items that I purchase in your warehouse until I need them?
A: Any bought item will need to ship out or picked up within a reasonable timeframe. For items kept longer than 3 weeks in storage after purchase we might charge a storage fee. Please contact us for more information.



Q: Are your items for sale authentic and how do you know?
A: We base our opinion on the authenticity of any item that we sell on the correct labelling, literature references, provenance, and a set of expert trade colleagues. For any item posted on our website we guarantee 100% authenticity.

Q: What is the condition of this item?
A: We do our utmost best to describe and show the condition of any item on our website as accurate as possible. We encourage our clients to visit our storage/showroom to have a look at the item of interest before purchase.

Q: Where do you buy your pieces?
A: We buy mostly within Switzerland, and occasionally abroad. In fact, most of our time is taken by house calls, attending auctions, visiting vintage markets and other dealers.


Q: Which payment options / currencies are available?
A: We accept debit, creditcard, cash and payment by invoice (bank transfers allows for 3% invoice discount). Please note we will accept USD / EUR through our payment partner Transferwise. We do not accept Paypal payments. 

Q: What is your return policy?
A: All sales are final. Unless an item is misrepresented on our website (e.g. wrong measurements, or large defaults that were not shown), we will not take returns. Please note that in any case, shipping cost, both ways, will not be refunded.



Q: Do you buy our items?
A: For this purpose we have an upload form here.

Q: What are your opening times?
A: We are available Monday – Saturday, by appointment.

Q: Do you support other local businesses?
A: Instead of slogans, we prefer numbers: For fiscal year 2022, 83% of our operating expenses were at the benefit of other local Swiss small and medium-sized enterprises.

Q: Can I use your images?
A: Please refer to our copyright page before contacting us.

Q: I still have another question.
A: If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please feel free to contact us at or by using our contact form 


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