Niels Otto Møller

Niels Moller

One of the better known names of mid-century Danish wooden household furniture is Niels Otto Møller.

Møller has proven himself to be a master in delivering quality workmanship on a consistent, almost industrial scale. The beginnings of the JL Møller Møbelfabrik (JL standing for Jorgen L. Møller, the father of Niels Møller) was started in their hometown, but quickly moved to nearby Aarhus to meet increased demand for its furniture.

Møller furniture, in particular the chairs, represent for many the typical form of the Scandinavian Mid-century modern style, due to its simple lines and selection of materials such as papercord, teak, walnut and rosewood. Well known designs are the No 71 chair and No 75 chair, where the teak and rosewood editions are most sought after.

Since the first production run in the 1940s until the current day, all Møller chairs and furniture are still produced in Denmark, under ownership and supervision by the Møller family.