Action Office Standing Desk by George Nelson

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Action Office Standing Desk by George Nelson

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George Nelson, architect, designer and author is famous for several of his creations such as the Bubble Lamps, the Coconut Chair (1955) and the Marshmallow sofa (1956).

Nelson was not only a great designer, but also known to be a concept thinker. In his books he introduced now common ideas such “the storage wall” or “family room”. Among the concepts he developed during his time at Herman Miller are the much dreaded office cubicles (Action Office 2), which have shaped corporate offices in the United States from the mid-1960s onward.

The Action Office 1 (AO1) series was presented under the supervision of George Nelson, however the actual design was done by Robert Propst, being the world’s first open-plan office.

The idea behind the AO1 was that one could leave unfinished work on the desk in the evening, and simply continue the following day by opening up the roll-top.

Here available are the High desk and Perch stool (specifically designed for this purpose) allowing work to be done standing and seated at the same place.


Condition: Very good, some signs of wear, as pictured. Completely functional, supplied with set of keys.

Origination: United States, late 1960s.


Price includes desk and stool.

Price for desk only: CHF 4100


Dimensions Desk:

Total Height: 120 cm
Desk Height: 110 cm
Depth: 84 cm
Width: 157 cm

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Weight 200 kg

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