Bořek Šípek Ota Otanak Chairs, Vitra, 1980s

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Ota Otanek chair by the Czech architect Bořek Šípek.

Bořek Šípek, known as the father of the neo-baroque 1980s style, is well known for his works that often overstate the use of materials, his furniture is mostly meant sculptural instead of functional: Unexpected curves, detailed finishing and a variety of materials, make his pieces true collectors’ items.

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Literature: Das Internationale Design Jahrbuch 1989/90, O. Tusquets Blanca, page 15.

Materials: Steel, copper, wood.

Origination: Germany, 1980s

Condition: Excellent, minor signs of use on the seat.


Approximate Dimensions:

Height: 76 cm
Depth: 60 cm
Width: 55 cm
Seat Height: 44 cm



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    Height: 72.5 cm
    Width: 49.5 cm

    Depth: 55 cm
    Seat Height: 40.5 cm



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