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Rietveld Red & Blue Chair and Side Table by Cassina

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Rietveld Red & Blue Chair and Side Table by Cassina

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The Red & Blue Chair is also known as the “Rietveld Chair” after its designer Gerrit Rietveld, counts as one of the most recognizable pieces designed by De Stijl movement in the 1920s. Produced by Cassina during the 1970s in the Netherlands.

This chair comes along with the Schroeder 1 Side Table, specifically designed by Rietveld for the Schroeder house in Utrecht during the 1920s.


Origination: the Netherlands, 1970s. Both side table and chair are signed and numbered.

Condition: Vintage, with traces of wear due to age. Please note that the side table top is not completely level.


Dimensions Chair:

Height: 88cm
Width: 65cm
Length: 83cm


Dimensions Table:

Height: 61cm
Width: 50cm
Length: 51cm


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