Woolen Namad Felt, 19th Century – Afghanistan

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For millennia, Central Asian nomads relied on age-old designs. Felt, prized for its insulation and portability, featured prominently in their lives until its decline a few decades ago.

Essential within yurts, it often served as protective coverings for entrances. Originating from Sistan, an isolated area straddling Iran and Afghanistan, Namad felts have endured unchanged, adorned with ancient symbols. Their remarkable modernity stems from their isolation from urban decorative influences, preserving their remote motifs through the ages.

The felts we have on offer originate from a collection that was acquired at Altai Gallery in Milan, a high-end gallery specialized in antique rugs and tapestries.



Origination: Afghanistan, end 1900s. Provenance: Altai Gallery Milano.

Condition: Very good

Materials: Felted wool


Approximate dimensions:

Length: 143 cm
Width: 72 cm
Height: 1 cm

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Weight 20 kg

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