RAAK Amsterdam


RAAK Globe Pendant Ligtelijn

RAAK Amsterdam was started in the year 1954 by Carel O. Lockhorn, who before was employed by Philips in the south of the Netherlands. RAAK had its main sales outlets in both Eindhoven and Amsterdam.

The name “RAAK” can be loosely translated as “bulls eye” in Dutch, i.e.  the company hits the target with respect to its design and function:

The aim of the RAAK company was to advise for correct usage of lighting devices, in a way that these are adapted to the surrounding architecture. The designs produced by the company were aimed at being modest, elegant and effective.

During it’s existence, RAAK collaborated with several famous designers such as Betrand Balas (Springfontein Lamp), Frank Ligtelijn (Globe Lamp) or Maija-Liisa Komulainen (Fuga lamp). Many of the designs produced by RAAK have turned into sought-after vintage pieces.

The RAAK Company has ceased to exist in 2011.