Short Term Vintage and Design Furniture Rental in Switzerland

The addition of a vintage or design classic to your photo or video shoot, house staging or trade fair booth will give just a that extra touch. A space with only new furniture and lighting will often provide too much of a “concept look” and therefore the placement of a well preserved vintage piece can give just that extra depth and sophistication you are looking for.

For this reason, most of our furniture on the website is in principle available for rent for short term use: eg. trade shows, art fairs, props for commercial product shoots etc.

How it works


Basic fee is 20% of the stated sales price on our website in Swiss Francs (CHF): This fee excludes any transport charges.

The fee will be charged after return of the piece, however a 100% deposit is required before pickup from our warehouse.

Standard rental duration is set at 7 calendar days, longer rental periods are in principle possible at a multiple of our Basic fee.

For photo shoots, magazines and other media where our business will be clearly promoted, reduced rates may apply.

Please contact us on for more information.


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